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A dog can be trained to go out in a proper place for natural urgency but it requires more time and patience for training them. It is known that puppies step into the world for them peeing or pooping occurs insensible so to manage them is a big task for the dog owners. Therefore a dog should be repeatedly trained to get a particular area for performing peeing or pooping activity whenever they want to do. They should be positively enforcement in doing such an activity.

Dogs are allowed to perform their natural urgencies either in the inside or outside depending on the available area of the dog owner. Mostly they are advised to send them outside since it avoids diseases to be spread. But in certain environmental conditions, the owner may not possess a free space in the outside then they are allowed to pee inside the house in the bathrooms.

Benefits of using Pee Pads

puppy pee pads 

People possess different ideas of justifying whether to use pee pads is good for their dog. Pee pads comfort the dogs and offer the safeguarded environment for the owners. When the owner resides in the multistoried building then when the dog wants to go out for peeing each time the owner should get down through elevator to leave them for natural urgencies and this might increase if a cold weather condition prevails in the environment.

Dogs of various age groups they may be a small one or elder one. The owner should put efforts on how to train a dog to use pee pads becomes an essential thing in the case of the elder dogs which have lost their ability to bowel movements. In such cases, the pee pads are essential as well as adaptable to the environment.

During the young age of dog might inform the owners that they want to pee or poop whereas in the old age dogs require physical plus emotional support from the owners all day where the pee pad assists them to do so. Certain dogs are attacked by other dogs or accident are rescued they find fear to go outside for peeing and they are also avoided by the humans which might increase the fear of the dogs more so in order to reduce such panic feeling pee pads help them to get rid of such negative feelings.

There might problems that are raised by the owners also such that the dogs are not able to move out when they want to pee. In such conditions, pee pads assist in solving the problem of the owner not schedule time for activities. Pee pads do not make any signal on where the dog should pee. When dogs are trained for a few days with the same repeated activity which makes them remember the event every time when they pee or poop. It is also essential that the owner should allow the dog within a fixed period to train them for natural urgencies.

It is also known that the owner should teach the dogs how to deal with the road by not facing any accidents. It is the responsibility of the owner on which place the dog should pee place the pad on that place repeatedly on the same location for at least one week to train their peeing activities.

When the owner allows the dog to pee each time in a different place will make them confused. Usually, dogs are born with an awareness of the cleanliness. So the process of how to train a dog to use pee pads makes the entire process to be an easy and simple task.

The training Process for Dog Pee Pads


The owner should choose a place in the house where the pee pads can be used such that the place is smell free zone. Also, the place selected should be accessible easily for the dog to poop or pee.  it is known that a dog should not be allowed to choose a place.

Training a dog can be done only by complete tracking of activities of dog each time. The owner should be aware of when the dog moves out for natural urgencies. Dogs make mistakes and hence they should be corrected whenever they commit a mistake. This can be achieved only by proper training and guidance of the dog.

In order to make the dogs train in using the potty pads, a specific command word should be chosen to make them pee in the pee pad. Repeating the command word each time will make the dog move to a particular location to release its natural urgencies.  It is also instructed that same voice and tone should be maintained for each time. When the dog misses doing the activities avoid punishing the dog for not doing properly. This makes more fearful instead of that a positive enforcement should be done to make them train on the right path.


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