Here Are 5 Essential Puppy Training Tips

Here Are 5 Essential Puppy Training Tips

The day has come. Your new puppy has finally arrived. Everyone at home is excited to play with the energetic little furball. But before anything else, you should start his training so that he can quickly adapt to his new environment.


#1 Make Him Feel at Home

Your furry new pal will initially be a tornado of emotions. On one hand, the puppy will be delighted to be with his loving new family. On the other, he’ll miss his littermates, especially at nap time, when the house feels especially dark and quiet.

You can try placing a warm hot water bottle and a ticking clock near his sleeping area. The hot water bottle will remind him of the warmth of his mother, while the ticking clock will mimic the heartbeat of his siblings. You may also provide him with a toy or blanket that has the smell of his previous home.

These steps should help the puppy relax and adjust to the sights and smells of his new home. And a less stressed out puppy will be much easier to train.

#2 Start Toilet Training

Puppies have small bladders and need to heed the call of nature often. Indoors, they don’t know better than to eliminate on an absorbent material, like a sweater or a carpet. That’s why it’s important to start toilet training early.

Take him out regularly and praise him when he pees. Indoors, watch out for the warning signs. If your furry friend is circling, sniffing, or has suddenly stopped what he was doing to head to another area, then he may need to relieve himself. To protect your bed, floor, furniture, or rug, you can use a potty for man's best friend that’s all-natural. This indoor pet patch replicates a puppy’s feeling of going outdoors because it’s made of 100% real grass. It’s especially useful when it’s too cold for the animal to go outside.

#3 Set House Rules

You must be consistent to train a puppy effectively. Have a meeting with the rest of the family to decide the rules for the newest member. Make sure that everyone is on the same page about where he isn’t allowed to go and where he can’t eat. Once all the rules have been agreed upon, remain consistent. A confused little dog is going to take longer to train.

#4 Win an Oscar

New puppies that are used to playing with their siblings love to nip and bite. Scolding a puppy that nips at you playfully or redirecting them doesn’t always stop the unwanted behavior. The next time he bites you, fall to the floor and pretend to be in tremendous pain. Seeing his best friend hurt will help the puppy learn that using human legs for chew toys isn’t a good idea.

#5 Use Positive Reinforcement

If your puppy follows your commands then reward him with treats, praise, hugs, and toys. Making a big deal out of good behavior will encourage him to be a good boy.

These five tips can help you train your new puppy. With a little hard work and discipline, you’ll quickly have a loving dog that’s well-trained.


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