Here's How You Can Gift A Healthy Life to Your Pet | Customer Success Story

For our constantly working on dog potty pads, we have gathered many users feedback for having tremendous experience with us from all over the country.

Here we are sharing a story of our user Shelly. She is a resident here in Ontario and has been taking our services for more than one year. Only recently she shared her year-long experience with us which are very encouraging. Here are the words of Shelly.

My Experience with Pets and How I Started Taking Care of Them

I love pets, and accordingly, I have three dogs at my home. But love isn't enough for giving the pet a healthy life. I understood it very soon when I lost one of my dogs two years before. There are different breeds of dogs and the processes involved in taking care of them will also differ from each other.

While you need to take more care of thick-furred dogs, you have to take care of the healthy diet of some other and many more. But the primary concern, that is, giving them a safe and hygienic environment remains the same for all. Although, I take all the care necessary for my dogs by giving them healthy diets, training them to run, playing with them to keep fit, taking them to the dog shows and many more.

healthy diet for your pet

But one thing I always ignored is how they discharge their wastes. Several times, it happens that they were fallen ill or having other issues with them. But at first, I couldn't get the reason for such problems. Then, after a long time, I realized the need for taking care of their excretion as well. I tried to give them a particular space also so that they don't need to go outside for this. But even after that, I couldn't manage to encourage them for using that. I was clueless about how I can handle that.

Once while surfing over the internet, I found one online advertisement by Pooch Patch. I felt like it is made just for me I guess. Then I called to them and asked all the details about the dog potty pads. Along with all the details about their best indoor dog potty system, they also gave me the information about training prospects for dogs on their premises to encourage them to use these potty pads.

How I Get Relieved By Using the Artificial Grass for My Pets?

As the potty pads provided by the Pooch Patch are made of artificial grass, at first, I was although in doubt that whether it would benefit me or not, I decided to try it at once. But the specifications of the potty pads were so suitable for my puppies, and they are so comfortable in using this. When I had bought the potty pads from Pooch Patch and I also enrolled my dogs in their potty training program. Once the training got finished, my dogs were completely ready to use the potty pads for their defecation. I don't bother for it anymore. Now, every morning and after every of their meal, they go on the artificial grass pads for discharging their wastes.

potty training program

One more thing about these potty pads is that it needs to be cleaned after 2-3 weeks. But as firstly, I bought only one piece, and I had three dogs, all of them used the same pad for their purpose. So, I needed to wash it after two weeks. Then when I got great results of using such the product, I bought another 2. Now I use to remove all of them once in 3 weeks. It amazed me either by its quality, price, longevity, hygiene smell, everything. Thank you, Pooch Patch, for offering such unique and fabulous products. Keep growing and keep innovating!


These are the words as shared by Shelly. She defined all her experiences both before and after start using our dog potty pads so well that it blemishes our heart greatly. Yes, it is our promise to everyone here like Shelly that we will keep our quality always on priority and will try to add more and more unique products in our collection that will be loved by every pet lover for sure.

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