How Dog Waste Can Be Hazardous for You and Your Pet?


Want to get rid of unnatural smells that make your pet hard to train or urine quickly? Here we have come up with the best idea for it. You can now end up scrubbing or trashing it daily to maintain its unhealthy or unpleasant smell with a unique indoor dog potty backyard. But first, you need to know the hazardous effects caused by the pet wastes to both human beings as well as other animals.

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How Dog Waste Can Pollute The Environment?

Dog wastes have labeled as a non-point source of pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and works as an environmental pollutant subsequently. This is hazardous to the environment because of a number of reasons.

  • Cannot be used as fertilizers
  • Unhygienic smells create hazards to the environment.
  • Gives birth to harmful germ into the air.
  • Burns and discoloring factors create toxic results to the lawn or other greenery.
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What Dangers Caused By Dog Waste Contact?

Do you know there is a great danger involves while you clean your dog urine indoor? Do you take the best precautions to avoid touching the urine? This is because; pathogens within it could cause various health problems, especially if you have a compromised or weak immune system. Kidney and liver damage, fever, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, etc are a few of the problems caused by bacteria thriving in pet urine. But you can now avoid these health hazards by washing the affected area immediately.

The wastes from dogs or other pets are not only harmful to human beings but also to the pet too. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), pet droppings can contribute to diseases that animals pass to humans. These are called Zoonoses. When infected dog poop is deposited on the lawn, the eggs of certain roundworms or other parasites can mix up in the soil for years and when anyone who comes into contact with that soil runs the risk of life, especially your dog.

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What You Can Do

It is seen among various domestic dogs who don't release the wastes (either urine or potty) without coming into contact with natural grass which is mostly available in our lawn and then you need to clean it afterward to make your lawn a clear and hygiene one. That is why; we have combined this technique with our innovative idea and made a mini backyard for dog train and urine. This trendy looking dog potty litter box can be easily fit in your balcony without compromising its elegant looks. You are thinking its crazy, right? But this crazy idea only will keep you healthy and help you to get rid of any health issue caused by dog waste release. We have used 100% natural grass in it with eco-friendly and leak-proof packaging. We also provide convenient compost after every interval of 1-2 weeks (once it gets sufficiently soiled). Get it now and give your pet a healthy and hygiene life.

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