How to Clean Puppy Pads?

We are becoming so consumed in our deeds that we do not have any time to go around and take our dogs to the nature for fresh stroll and their personal business of potty and pee. And even sometimes our dogs are not in condition to do their business due to their health conditions. We do definitely love our dogs and at any cost cannot compromise with their health and hygiene; therefore potty pads are a great escape. The potty pads, made up of 100% real grass are not only organic but are comfortable to our dogs as well. Being portable, it is easy to carry them around the house where the dog demands to pursue his business. Its attractants and feel of nature’s fresh grass makes the process joyous for the dogs but the main dilemma that many people face is of how to clean them. If you have a dog whom you love the most and has planned or already gifted him a doggy pad then here is a complete guide for you on how to clean puppy pad. 


Clean Puppy Pads

Clean the Entire Poop from the Grass Potty Pad

Once your dog is done with pooping, take a product to pick up all the pieces in a very clean manner carefully from the grass dog pad. Remove all the piles of poop carefully and throw it into the bin or flush it into the toilet.

Clean the Tray

The tray beneath the potty pad will soak all the urine of the dog. Carefully remove the tray and wash away the urine into the toilet. Make sure to clean the tray with disinfectants afterwards to ensure the hygiene of your dog. If it is not clean, the chances are it might invite or lead to home of bacteria or diseases.

Carefully Clean the Grass and put it back on tray

Clean the grass and ensure there is no hidden poop within the blades. Do not wash the grass or wet it. Simply just take away the entire poop from the surface. Once the grass and tray are cleaned separately, make sure to put the grass back in its place once the tray is dry and clean.

puppy potty pads

Spray Mild Disinfectants

Spray some mild level disinfectants over the product to keep the germs and bacteria at bay. Ensure the disinfectants don’t overpower the attractants as it may disinterest the dog to come and sit on it.

Show the Dog his Way to the ready and all set Potty Pad

Once the cleaning is done, make sure to teach the dog to come and sit over it once again. Teach him again where he is supposed to carry on with his business. If he feels disinterested to walk over that grass potty pad once again then try spilling over some dog’s urine on pad, as this might attract him and bring the sense of relativity within him.

If you are enriched with the above process of how to clean puppy pad then we have potty pad made from 100% fresh grass that you can gift your dog straightaway.

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