How to Train Your Puppy to Use Pee Pads?

Training your dog to go to the bathroom at the right time can be a heinous task and most of us don’t have the patience for that. Always remember, puppies are the newly born element in this world and they have no control over their pee and poo. It’s a very natural process for them. Therefore, it is very necessary for you to properly train your puppy and help them in doing their business in the accurate places that you decide on.

Pee Pads

Crate training is the best type of training which indulges your dog to go outside while he feels the pressure of poop or pee. Dogs are blessed with the sense of cleanliness and they rarely sleep in the same place they eat. You can teach them not to do the business in the crate they are sleeping and they will abide by that for the rest of their lives.

If you have decided pee pads will work the best for you and your puppy then here are some tips to help your dog with some training:

  • Choose the spot carefully which is easily accessible for your dog and less reachable by you or your family and do remember that it’s not carpeted as if it leaks then it might be difficult to clean.
puppy pads for dogs
    • The puppy pads for dogs are very dog-friendly and easy to learn yet full-time training and monitoring are required for the initial days. It is not possible to correct the bad behaviors if its left unnoticed. Dogs have very short memories so helping them in learning the whole process might be very easy for them to learn and act.
    • You must learn your dog’s peeing and pooping schedule. They are mostly predictable and will go for it during the predicted time frame. You need to learn your dog’s bathroom habits before starting off the training. Generally, they have a specific time to go to the bathroom between their meals or after so that is what will help you to identify the triggers.
    • Dogs are blessed with keen senses, they have a better sense of sight, smell, and sound than any other species around the world. When the pee pad training is scheduled, you must choose a specific command word and should be used every time the dog is taken to the pad. Any chosen word will work, the tone is important and not the word.
    • If your dog does it unpredictably or unconsciously then consider it just an accident and avoid any punishment. Punishing your dog can make him scared and confused. He will unable to make it out of what wrong he has done and won’t be able to understand why the most loved person is mad at him. In turn, it will act as a negative impact on his training.
    • Both human and dogs are pleased with large incentives but dogs are simple creatures who just love simple things. The most important incentive he can get is your happiness. So, whenever he is peeing on the pad, shower him with lots of praises which will make him excited in doing the same from the next time.

     Get Your Dog Trained to Use Pee Pads

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