Know How to Use Puppy Pads

If you have a dog around then you might know the hardship of putting him under leash and take him to streets whenever he has a sudden urge to pee or potty. To escape from that daily pressure, potty pads are a great escape.

Potty pads are kind of indoor toilet for your dog where he can sit comfortably and finish off his business. If you have a dog that has a habit of messing around the house then potty pads are an ideal thing for him.

Puppy Pads

These grass layered pad with super-absorbing power is bliss for dogs who love going out in greenery. Not only the pads help dogs in their routine but also give them the flexibility to sit inside the house and continue whenever there is a sudden urge, without a need to go out. All you have to do is just make them sit on a pad and train them to become habitual of such pads.

Why Use Puppy Pads?

If you are someone who is wondering why there is a need to invest in such pads when our dogs can simply go out in the lawn or around the block without a fuss then you need to get hold of the few positives. Gifting puppy pads to your dogs will bring numerous benefits to your dog’s pee and potty routine. Down below are the few reasons that will explain why to use puppy pads instead of the conventional method of going out in greenery.

1. More Flexibility

Your dog is also a living being and he might also get exhausted by performing the act outside every time. By using puppy pads, you can simply give him a gift of flexibility. With potty pads, he can enjoy his act inside the premise only.

2. No More Hassle of Cleaning

You might know the obligation of cleaning your dog’s potty out in the public area. The whole idea can seem to be a little daunting. But with potty pads, there is no need to think of cleaning as a hassle since these products are easy to clean. They do not require many efforts and can be cleaned in minutes or so.

3. Your dog’s health

No matter how rich your dog’s diet might be but going out in public can lead to a certain health hazard. If your dog has certain health conditions then it is important for him to pee inside only. These pads easily keep a check on health conditions.

The reasons above are enough to prove why using puppy pads is a must when the dog’s health and interests are important to the owners. The next question that might be bugging the dog owners mind right now is of how to use puppy pads.

puppy pee pads

How to Use Puppy Pads?

Decide the Location

The first and foremost step is to identify the spot where the event will take place. That means a location has to be decided where the pad will be placed. The place should be decided based on your dog’s interest. Keep the pad in an area that is quiet and doesn’t seem disturbing to your loved one.

Time to Potty Train

Now the real task is to train your dog with potty routine. All you have to do is just make him sit on the pad whenever he develops pressure. This process will take time and constant practice. The task is simply to make your dog familiar with the pad and make him fond of it.


Teach him with a little patience

Potty training for your dog can be a little difficult and might require a whole lot of energy. Do not lose patience, calm down yourself and your dog. Do not get infuriated if the course is taking longer than required. Be gentle, calm and patient and teach him with love. To ease up the task and know the correct way to train, understand your dog’s eating habit first and then recall his daily motions to get the correct hold of the potty pad.


Clean When the Business is Complete

Once your dog is finished with the business, carefully clean the pad by picking the pieces and throw them into the bin or flush inside the pot. For piss, remove the tray beneath the pad and clean it with agents. Also if you are particular about your dog’s health then do disinfect the area beneath the pad.

Attractants to Hook Dogs

These pads have certain attractants that easily catches the attention of the dogs and lures them to come and sit over it. But if you feel the product is not doing wonder all by self then try to spray some of your dog’s urine over the product and see the wonders.


Appreciate His Efforts

Dogs are also living being and are fond of love and appreciation. Once done with the potty pads training, do not forget to reward your young one. Give him good praise for doing his deeds successfully.


How to Clean Puppy Pads?


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