Puppy Pads for Hassle Free Potty Training

What are Puppy Pads

Have you ever heard about puppy pads? If no, then read this article to know about these valuable pads. They are also known by the name of dog pads, puppy training pads, potty pads, etc. These are considered as the most efficient dog hygiene home training products in the industry of pet care. Do you know why they are so helpful? Because it’s simple to use and even it can be cleaned very easily without much effort.

How they are actually constructed? They actually have a super porous core and a plastic film base that has the ability to soak dog and puppy’s messes.

Training a Puppy

There are numerous potty pads available in the market these days having diverse features and perks. If you reside in a big apartment then these pads will help in training your pets. They can also save you enough time and thus keeps your home smells fresh and hygiene.

Not limited to this only, these training pads can avoid the mess on the floor when you are in your office or out of the city. It’s better to make use of these potty pads to avoid awful stains and odors.

Why Use Puppy Pads?

Confused! Why these pads are so much in demand these days? Not to worry! We will let you know how beneficial it is if you have a dog.

Training and Housebreaking

Training a pet in the house is a very difficult procedure. It is also the crucial step of training for an inside dog. By utilizing these pads, the complex procedure of training can be made much easier.

You can either train your pet to completely make use of puppy pads or use just it while traveling. It all relies on your purpose due to diverse lifestyle patterns and living surroundings.

puppy pads


Several people love to travel along with their dogs in carriers while others desire their dogs to have own special seat. So, in that case, too it becomes important that you make use of these pads as they will shield your vehicle seats from muddle.

Traveling with your pet’s can many times become creepy and traumatic. Sometimes due to wetness, your dogs might start feeling sick. Using pads while traveling will keep your dog hygiene as it will give your dog a coating of comfort to remain dry all over the journey.

Lining kennels and playpens

Training a dog at home with the help of a crate is also the best solution. Crates, no doubt, are also helpful in the process of training. During the process of crate, training mishaps are bound to take place, so it’s always better to put puppy pads in case of adverse accidents.

Dog owners also make use of playpens. Putting dog pads in the playpen can keep your pet fresh and dry whenever you are out.

How to Use Puppy Pads?

Set the Rules

Select exact places for indoor and outdoor pet washroom. Remain away from spots that are inappropriate for potty areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. Utilize commercial dog pads, or sometimes newspapers so he gets familiar with both options.  

Train your Pet

After giving your pet enough food put him on the leash and takes him to the bathroom spot that you have chosen. On the off chance if he doesn’t go inside in a couple of minutes, expel him from the space, however, keep him fastened to you or regulate him intently to ensure that he doesn’t endeavor to eliminate somewhere else.

Repeat the same procedure again and again after a few minutes until you get succeed. Also, lavish your small pup with appetizing treats. 

Positive Reinforcement

Make use of treats like doggie munchies to give them a reward whenever he uses bathroom spot. This idea will show him that something good happens whenever he goes to a designated bathroom spot.

Be mindful of Age

Very little puppies and grown-up dogs face difficulty in controlling their belly. During the stage of initial training, craft a proper agenda for your dog feeding and take your small puppy to his bathroom spot.

Transitional Training

If your aim is to wean your puppy from potty pads to complete outside elimination, then create a steady transition. If your inside washroom spot is quite far from a door, then gradually shift the dog pads near to the gate day by day.

Repeat this till your small dog reaches a period where he can hold his bowels for some hours.  

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog which tells everything you desire to know about puppy pads. If you buy this pad, then surely you will notice a great difference in your puppy lifestyle too.

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