Tips for Crafting the Perfect Easter Basket for Your Pooch!

If you have a dog in your home then you can gift your dog a beautiful Easter basket as Easter is coming this weekend! Dogs are humans best companions, so surprise and make them feel happy in a unique and different style. Confused, how to craft a basket! Need some ideas? Check out the below-given ideas as this tutorial will guide you regarding the same!

Tips for Crafting The Perfect Easter Basket for Your Pooch!

What to Include in an Easter Basket?

Dental Chews: If your dog doesn’t have any favorite item that they like the most, then you can also include dental chews for them. Since they will really enjoy this yummy dental chew and you; their clean and fresh breathe.

Portable Water Bowl: Your dog will surely love this when you take him for a long walk. This is an ideal gift as it will make easy for you to keep your dog hydrate for a long time.

Favorite Treats: Give a big surprise to your cute dog by adding their most favorite treats they are crazy for.

Themed Outfit: Only add this in your basket if your dog loves to wear funky clothes. Search for a bunny themed outfit as it will match the Easter theme well.

Sturdy Toys: Buy sturdy toys as they can play with them when staying in a home alone or when playing with you.

Apart from including dog treats in the basket, you can also gift your adorable dog some unique items to show love and care for them. Indoor dog potty system is also a perfect gift that they will adore. In order to surprise your dog, you can also put some treats in Easter egg which you can hide inside the room in different areas.

Choose Your Container

  • Make use of inexpensive container or bowl for crafting your dogs Easter basket.
  • Don’t make use of a container that your pup can chew like straw basket.

Fill it Up

  • Fill your dog basket with apparel and cute toys.
  • Do add mouth-watering treats
  • Don’t make utilization of artificial grass as it can harm your dog in case if ingested.

Personalize It

  • Put the name of your pet on the basket.
  • Don’t decorate the basket with things that they can eat like flowers. Flowers like azaleas, hyacinths, daffodils, lilies, tulips can harm your pet’s health if ingested.
  • If you have useless and old baskets then you can also use them for creating an attractive Easter basket.

After gathering all the stuff make sure to assemble it in your basket properly. It’s better to place all the big items first and place small things around the big ones. Remember to remove all tags and packing’s from toys and treats before placing them in the basket as your dog will start to eat and play with them as soon as they will see the basket.

Final Insights

Hope you have enjoyed this blog and it helped you in knowing more about creative ideas that you can use for crafting an Easter basket. Just like human beings, dogs also feel happy when we give them gifts and beautiful surprises. They feel that we care and love them in every way.

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