Tips to Clean Your Puppy Pads

clean puppy pads

Pets are like family members and they love you unconditionally especially dogs. They are loyal to their masters. Your dog deserves the best of care like any other family member. When it comes to his daily routine, poop cleaning is one such important thing which many people find very difficult. So, the coming of puppy pads is a great blessing for dog owners.

Puppy pads are available in grass form or in the form of simple absorbent clothes. Cleaning the puppy pads will save your dog from infection and will keep his sanitary area clean. This will make your dog happy and he would love to use them again and again. If you want to know how to clean puppy pads before buying them, here are some tips - 

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  • If it is a grass pad, then remove the poop. You can use a scoop for it which are easily available online. Remember to do it in solid form. Sometimes the dog urinates in the grass. In such instance, slowly take out the grass and clear the urine from the tray down below. You can flush the urine in the toilet. Use a quality soap to clean the tray as you will reuse it.

  • If you are using artificial grass pad, then you must wash the turf thoroughly with warm water and soap. Remove the grass from the pad. Let the grass drying out. If it is artificial grass, replace the grass in a gap of two months to maintain the hygiene.

  • Make sure there is no amount of poop remains in the grass before you take them out from the tray. If its natural grass, the urine will automatically get deposited under the tray as grass will absorb them.

  • However, you can adjust a puppy pad under the tray to collect the urine, but you must replace it regularly.

  • Once you finish cleaning it, you must show it to your puppy. He will know that he can go there again

  • To eliminate any bad odors, you can get Enzyme cleaners which you can get in the pet store. The smell of artificial grass pad will be different from real grass pad. Changing the grass pad in frequent intervals will ensure the effectiveness and freshness of grass.

  • If you are using pads for your dog, then replace it every day but if its grass, then you must replace it in an interval of one or two weeks.
puppy potty pads

    The grass pads fit well in any corner of your home.  The smell of natural grass will automatically invite the dog to release the poop. It is a convenient approach for people who travel frequently and leave their dog alone. Ideally designed for small dogs, it can be used for old dogs who cannot go out every time for excretion.

    Dogs always search for grass when they feel the urge. After knowing about how to clean puppy pads, you will have no confusion about choosing fresh grass potty for your dog. You can order them online from us. We Pooch Patch is an online store who deal in puppy pads of all sizes. The real grass is eco-friendly, and this is why we prefer them over artificial grass.

    How to Clean Puppy Pads?


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