5 Easy Dog Training Commands that You Can Teach Your Pup

Getting a new pup may seem like a perfect choice and it is, but training your new pup not to pee at every corner or to quit tearing up that brand new futon is something else altogether.

You can always get puppy pee pads; place them strategically indoors until your pup learns to do his business outside. This is why it makes sense to opt for professional dog trainers to help you train your pup but you may want to review some of the easy dog commands that you can teach your pup right away.

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The “Sit”: 

This is one of the easiest tricks that you can teach your pup; all you have to do is to take a treat, take it towards his nose and slightly angle up. This should cause him to sit down, and at this point, say “sit” in a firm voice. Once he obeys, give him the treat as a reward; repeat this several times so that he gets the message.

The “Come”: 

You would need a dog leash for this; put one on your dog, gently tug at the leash and as he comes forward, gently commands him to “come” in a firm tone. Reward him when he walks forward towards you on your command and rewards him with a treat when he obeys the command. Make sure that you repeat this exercise often so that he masters it perfectly. Soon, you would not need to pull at any leash and even a simple “come” command will get him to come over to you, without the help of any accessories.

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The Down Command: 

This trick is a little harder than others because your pup is genetically hardwired not to adopt any submissive posture. Just enclose a treat in your hand, let your pup smell the treat and now, bring your hand level to the floor. This should cause your dog to follow it and when he does, drag it along the floor so that he gets down onto the floor, and make sure you mention the command “down”. A few repeat sessions should see him obey the order perfectly, without any inducements or treats.


This command too is a little hard for most pups to get it right away; they would love to run and gambol about so getting them to ‘stay’ in one place for extended periods can take a while. Make sure that your pup understands the sit command before trying to train him to stay in one place. Make sure that he is seated, now, hold your hand in front of him and command him to stay, and even push him back on his haunches if he tries to get up. Repeat sessions should enforce this command and soon, he would stay “put” when commanded to do so.

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The “Leave It” Command: 

Most dogs are by nature curious, so getting him to understand the command and obeying the same will take a while. Place a treat in one of your hands, take it towards your pup, let him sniff and bark at it. Command him to leave it, and as he does, reward him with a treat.

These are some of the easy dog training tips that you can utilize to train your pup; soon you would not have to resort to puppy pee pads and get him to obey your commands to the letter.

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