Ultimate Buying Guide to Puppy Potty Pad

Having a cute little puppy is something that almost every pet owner would want. However, nothing is more frustrating than watching your puppy ruining your favorite floor and mat by peeing on it. The unpleasant odors and stains are undoubtedly one of the hardest things to get rid of. But no need to worry now! All that you need to have is the perfect puppy potty pad for your little pet and a bit of training and that's it!

Gone are the days when you had no other option than letting your dog do potty in your residence. Nowadays, you can get thousands of interesting puppy potty pad brands on the market. Let's have a look at the puppy potty pad buying guide:

puppy potty pad for dog

Buy Puppy Potty Pads in Bulk

    If you are planning to make your puppy use the casual potty pad without any exclusive features or fancy designs, we recommend you to buy these pads in bulk. Do you know why a majority of the pet owners buy puppy pee pad in bulk? It saves them a lot of time and of course money. So why wait? Buy a couple of puppy potty pads online at the discounted rate and prevent unwanted pee or potty stains and odor on your floor.

    Try Scented Pee Pads for Puppies

      Okay, a bit expensive deal for the pet owners. But if you are looking for some nice and amazingly scented product to avoid unpleasant pet pee odor, this can make an ideal option. The scented pee pads are available in multiple options (each featuring a different and pleasant aroma). Some of the most interesting fragrances you can trace on the scented puppy pee pad include lavender, lemon, floral, and fabreeze. As mentioned above, these pads come with a high price tag but are a suitable option for homeowners who can’t schedule their home cleaning activities regularly.

      indoor dog potty system

      Though puppies usually don't mind the scented potty or pee pads, some of them don't like the strong smell coming from it. Hence, make sure to buy two or three pads initially to check it with your puppy.

      Carbon Pee Pads

        Carbon pee pads, rich in activated charcoal, are specially designed to eliminate the puppy potty odors. These pads are fabricated in a unique way. Perhaps, their exclusive design that features thousands of tiny pores and interior spaces is all that traps the unpleasant potty odor. If your dog doesn’t like the scented pee pads that feature lavender, lemon, and other aromas, carbon pee pads can turn out to be a great solution. As these pads feature natural odors, they are almost scentless. Plus, they absorb pee odor as finely as the scented or gel pads.

        As they are prepared out of activated charcoal (which is black in color), carbon pads don’t get white colors, rather they boast dark grey hues.

        potty pads

        Puppy Pads with Gel

          Are you searching for a high-quality pee pad for your mischievous dog? Is your newly purchased mat way too expensive to be put at risk? Fret not! Puppy pads with gel are there to your rescue. This special training pad has the ability to convert the liquid pee into a gel, which won’t leak through the pads into your floor.

          What’s more? These pads can hold a large amount of liquid compared to the traditional puppy pads (which usually results in the leakage). Bring home the best indoor dog potty system.

          Are you tired of cleaning the stubborn stains all the time? Do you find it difficult to avoid your pet’s potty odor spreading all over your home? Try the listed pee and potty training pads and notice the difference. Good Luck!

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