Our Mini Story

Hi, Adam and Andrea here, proud dog pawrents of two crazy, fun, energetic dogs named Veronica and Shanks. We live in a high rise condo on the 27th floor and despite the fact that we take our dogs for lengthy walks and runs every day, we sometimes found it difficult to get our pooches down to do their business - especially super early mornings and late nights. So we needed a practical, affordable solution for both ourselves and our dogs! 

We tried everything, from those ugly diapers that you put on the ground (which ended up just flying off our balcony), to big pieces of artificial turf (that were incredibly disgusting to clean in the bathtub).

After all that madness we decided to build a mini backyard for our dogs on our balcony using 100% natural grass! Crazy, right? The crazy thing is, it worked! Veronica and Shanks are in love with it and our balcony looks better than ever! Just looking at the lush grass makes us feel like we have a little backyard of our own, up high in the sky. The bonus is once it gets sufficiently soiled after a few weeks, we conveniently compost the grass. 

With our backyard in place and our happy dogs tinkling away we knew we had to bring this service to the people and pooches of Canada. So here we are! Making backyards in a box - easy, convenient and affordable. Fresh grass delivered to your door, with virtually no cleaning and mess!