Never Stress Over a Mess, Again!

Never Stress Over a Mess, Again!

The ultimate, vet recommended, green solution for your pooches natural needs. Pooch Patch is the eco-friendly fix to be rid of those hard to clean, fake grass pads and environmentally harmful, plastic pee pads. Give your dog the best and give yourself peace of mind knowing your dog can “go” when nature calls. Made by dog pawrents in Ontario, for fellow dog pawrents in Canada. Ideal for bad weather, condos, midnight tinkles, puppy training, mobility issues, incontinence and small bladders. Our Pooch Patches can last up to a month, sometimes longer!


  • Why real grass?

    It's simple, dogs take to it instinctively with little training. Grass naturally decomposes urine and controls odours, creating a very hygienic dog potty. You don't ever have to clean it. Oh and the grass is also compostable!

  • Free nationwide shipping!

    With our convenient and reliable delivery service, we make it easy for those on the go... who doesn't love free shipping??

  • Eco-friendly leakproof packaging

    Made to withstand a healthy watering from your pooch, our recycled package has a water resistant lining inside and out, guaranteed to keep your space clean and dry. The container is also 100% recyclable!

  • Convenience for those on the go

    Subscribe and save 15%! Choose the frequency that best suits your pooch and relax knowing that a lush patch will be delivered without you having to lift a finger :)

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Our Mini Story

Hi, Adam and Andrea here, proud dog pawrents of two crazy, fun, energetic dogs named Veronica and Shanks. We live in a high rise condo on the 27th floor and despite the fact that we take our dogs for lengthy walks and runs every day, we sometimes find it difficult to get our pooches down to do their business - especially super early mornings and late nights. So we needed a practical, affordable solution for both ourselves and our dogs! 

We tried everything, from those ugly diapers that you put on the ground (which ended up just flying off our balcony), to big pieces of artificial turf (that were incredibly disgusting to clean in the bathtub).

After all that madness we decided to build a mini backyard for our dogs on our balcony using 100% natural grass! Crazy, right? The crazy thing is, it worked! Veronica and Shanks are in love with it and our balcony looks better than ever! Just looking at the lush grass makes us feel like we have a little backyard of our own, up high in the sky. The bonus is once it gets sufficiently soiled after a few weeks, we conveniently compost the grass. 

With our backyard in place and our happy dogs tinkling away we knew we had to bring this service to the people and pooches of Canada. So here we are! Making backyards in a box - easy, convenient and affordable. Fresh grass delivered to your door, with virtually no cleaning and mess!



A bit about Pooch Patch

This isn’t just a piece of sod in a box, it’s comfort and convenience for you and your pooch

How long does it last? Does it smell?

Anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on how often your pooch uses it and where it is kept. If kept indoors, we recommend changing the patch every 2 weeks. If used outdoors the patch can last between 2-4 weeks and sometimes up to 6 if you water it! The living grass absorbs liquids and controls odours allowing for a more hygienic process. The grass decomposes the urine which takes care of the smell that would normally occur with fake grass patches

How does it work?

Simply put Pooch Patch wherever you would like your dog to “go”. Liquids are completely absorbed in the soil and the double layer of cardboard makes sure nothing leaks through to your floor! Make sure to pick up any solid waste. Discard the grass and recycle the cardboard box when you're ready for a new one

Any maintenance required?

We recommend that you keep the grass in a space where it receives a bit of sunlight. Also, you can water the grass every few days to keep it nice and green! The goal is to keep it slightly moist

Why real grass?

Dogs take to our real grass with a 90% success rate - much higher than plastic pee pads. Plus, you don't ever have to clean it

What size patch for your pooch?

Pooch Patch is 18” x 24” and can accommodate a dog up to approximately 30 lbs. If you have a larger dog the Pooch Patch XL is just for you measuring in at 36” x 24”

Any tips for Training?

  • Put POOCH PATCH wherever you would like your dog to go potty (we recommend a balcony/patio).
  • If your pooch is having trouble, we recommend transferring the scent of your pooch’s urine onto the patch.
  • You can also use a target with your pets scent on it. Some pooches love targets!
  • Walk your pooch on leash straight to the patch and give the prompt or cue you’ve chosen, such as “do your business” or “go potty”.
  • If your pooch doesn’t go within 5 minutes, try again in about 15 minutes.
  • When your pooch is done, praise them enthusiastically and give them lots of treats.
  • It is important to establish one location for the POOCH PATCH unit so you do not confuse your dog.