Pooch Patch Maintenance and Training



Little effort is needed to ensure you get the most out of your patch :) Here are some tips and tricks that will enrich your pooches Pooch Patch experience.

Little maintenance is required to get your patch to stay green in the Summer months. The goal is to keep the soil under the grass very moist, not soaked, at all times. Water with 3-4 cups every few days if it has not rained on your patch. This will ensure your patch stays farm fresh!

• It is super important to remain very calm and supportive when asking your pet to use their patch.

• Put POOCH PATCH wherever you would like your dog to go potty (we recommend a balcony/patio). Walk your pooch on leash straight to the patch and give the prompt or cue you’ve chosen, such as “do your business” or “go potty”. You can also try this off leash by sending them to the patch on their own.

• If your pooch doesn’t go within 3 minutes of being out with the patch, bring them in and try again in about 15 minutes. Continue this process until you have success. Remember to stay calm and supportive.

• If your pooch is still having trouble, we recommend transferring the scent of your pooch’s urine onto the patch with a paper towel.

• You can also use a target with your pets scent on it. Some pooches love targets!

• When your pooch is done, praise them enthusiastically and give them lots of treats.

• It is important to establish one location for the POOCH PATCH unit so you do not confuse your dog.




If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to email us - We're here to help!